Exp & Loot starts in:

21 June 10:00 CEST (5:00 BRT) - 24 June 10:00 CEST (5:00 BRT)
More monster experience and loot all weekend long!... read more
By broadcasting your gameplay, you are receiving +5% more loot and +5% more experience from monsters!

You can start casting by typing the command /cast on ingame. You can also start casting with a password, by using the command /cast password {password}. To stop your casting stream type the command /cast off. Login to the server without account name to watch a live cast. If the cast has a password, enter the password in the password login field (still empty account name).

Only authorized spectators can talk on Cast Chat.
To authorize join Cast and type /code XXXXXXXX
Your Cast Code you can view on Account View page.

Live casts
Character World Description Spectators #
Rick Paladin
201 Royal Paladin
Destiny - 0/150
Currently available commands for spectators:
/name - change your name on chat with player and other spectators
/list - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators

Available commands for streaming players:
/cast on - enables the stream
/cast off - disables the stream
/cast desc {description} - sets description about your cast
/cast password {password} - sets a password on the stream
/cast password off - disables the password protection
/cast kick {name} - kick a spectator from your stream
/cast ban {name} - locks spectator IP from joining your stream
/cast unban {name} - removes banishment lock
/cast bans - shows banished spectators list
/cast mute {name} - mutes selected spectator from chat
/cast unmute {name} - removes mute
/cast mutes - shows muted spectators list
/cast show - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
/cast status - displays stream status
/cast update - update stream status
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