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12 April 10:00 - 15 April 10:00
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Kasteria Friends

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A guild created for RPG players who are looking for active friends for hunting, quests and daily missions.
Wojownik Zpoludnia is guild leader of Kasteria Friends.
The guild was founded on on 23 January 2024.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderCherrycherrylady400 Royal Paladin
Wojownik Zpoludnia427 Elite Knight
Vice-LeaderBuster Chestnut433 Master Sorcerer
Doctor Watson331 Master Sorcerer
Emma Hix284 Royal Paladin
Heavenn (Luv&Peace)378 Royal Paladin
Kic (KaMeHaMeHa)302 Royal Paladin
Sherlock Holmes (Si vis pacem para bellum)412 Royal Paladin
NoviceBlizzo198 Master Sorcerer
Drotter77 Royal Paladin
Immolation316 Master Sorcerer
Immorales77 Royal Paladin
Mastore169 Master Sorcerer
Matyssek (Blokerek)130 Elite Knight
Mussla202 Elder Druid
Norman227 Elite Knight
Pablo Marcal220 Elite Knight
Parasite121 Master Sorcerer
Rayko Flaary82 Master Sorcerer
Shapirka127 Paladin
Shiryu Rulles200 Royal Paladin
WeteranAlelop Returns (PK Police)381 Master Sorcerer
Elite Czeczen227 Elite Knight
Legolas Counter Of Kills229 Elder Druid
Mr Hubbi451 Elite Knight
Pea Dough285 Master Sorcerer
Professor Erodes393 Elite Knight
Sir Alabama217 Elite Knight
Smakoszny383 Elite Knight
Szatan Serduszkoo (Oberschlesien Power)223 Elite Knight
Invited characters
Name Information
Maloqueiro78 Royal Paladin
Professor Heck192 Elder Druid
Professor Jaka208 Master Sorcerer
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