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Announcements - Game update!
GOD Slugar on Brutality
264 Sorcerer
on 2024-03-06 12:25:18
Game update!
The latest update has arrived in the world of Kasteria! We introduce a series of new features and improvements that add extra sparkle and dynamics to the gameplay. And this is just the beginning – soon we will surprise you with more new features that will take your adventures to a completely new level of daily challenges!

New Features

1. New currency in the game market

We have enriched the game market with a new form of payment – kasteria points, which gives you additional flexibility in trading with other players, alongside traditional currencies such as crystal, platinum, and gold coins.

2. Return of the prey system

We are bringing back the eagerly awaited prey system. This system will allow you more strategic approaches to hunting. Besides, it encourages exploring new territories and engaging with various creatures.

3. Premium shop improvements

We've added a 'containers' tab with decorative backpacks and quivers, and we've expanded your transaction history in the Premium shop to 100 entries.

4. New shaders in the Premium shop

We've expanded our assortment with new shaders, allowing you to further personalize the appearance of your characters, highlighting their uniqueness.


1. Game mechanics

We've fixed the issue with the seventh INQ mission and access to certain areas. Additionally, monster waves before the Boss in Warzone 1 now start only after all monsters from the previous wave have been defeated.

2. Security

We've improved the logout system during boss fights in Warzone 1 and 2. This eliminates the risk of unexpectedly leaving the game.

3. Task changes

From now on, unredeemed rewards for the fourth Svargrond Arena can be collected by repeating the challenge. Moreover, tasks from Rook no longer carry over to Main, and tasks on Main are available at any level (with some restrictions on submission at certain levels).

4. Event changes

We've changed the times of the City Defense event. Now, catapults appear at the northern gates at 18:00 (Thais), 21:00 (Carlin), and 24:00 (Ankrahmun) European time.

5. Spectrum Ship Boss

We've added to the Countdown widget – information on the time until the next attempt at the Spectrum Ship Boss.


1. Interface improvements

We've refined the Battle tab – added new sorting options and restored the password recovery system through email.

2. Magic and items

In the magical shop in Edron, Avalanche runes are now available, and Sweaty Cyclop now offers twice as many Infernal Bolts in exchange for Soul Orb. Additionally, you can now skin new types of monsters: Brutuses, Baldurs, and Barghests.

3. Visual and technical

From now on, after logging into the game, the Cam function is available, which allows you to view recordings of gameplay in real-time. It's the perfect way to analyze strategies, improve skills, or simply – to enjoy your best moments in Kasteria again.
Archer Tulipa
172 Royal Paladin
on 2024-03-06 13:31:17
Base damage
I noticed that the RP and EK damage was decreasing and it wasn't much.
90 Royal Paladin
on 2024-03-06 17:29:20
Mobile client not working
Sup everyone and thanks for the good work, since the last update i cant get mobile client to work, tried both versions, uninstalling, everything, still says to update to latest version after login, please fix, became kinda fond of tibia on phone :)..
37 Knight
on 2024-03-12 16:52:12
Cliente Mobile
Infelizmente depois da última atualização não consegui mais acessar o APP para jogar.
Estava gostando de jogar e lembrar os velhos tempos.
Agradeço desde já!!
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