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Announcements - Update - Defense of Kasteria cities!
GOD Slugar on Destiny
866 Sorcerer
on 2024-01-03 18:27:34
Update - Defense of Kasteria cities!
Warriors, prepare yourselves for great challenges, as a new update has arrived in our kingdom, bringing a dose of adrenaline to our daily lives!

New daily event
In this event, you will be called upon to take on the role of true defenders of our cities. City Defense is an event that throws you into the midst of powerful Invader attacks on our northern gates three times a day. The battle will begin in Thais at 3:00 PM, move to Carlin at 6:00 PM, and conclude in Ankrahmun at 9:00 PM.

Your mission – unity in battle
Your goal is to unite your forces to triumph over the Invaders. The future of these cities now rests in your hands. Confront the enemies and destroy the mighty catapult before the Invaders can prepare it for a devastating attack on our northern gates.

See the value of your actions
Your determination and courage will be generously rewarded with a substantial dose of experience points – three times each day! Don't forget this when facing the Invaders.

Grab your weapons and polish your armor because the latest update will go live next Thursday during the morning server save.
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