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Announcements - Santa Bags!
GOD Slugar on Brutality
264 Sorcerer
on 2023-12-26 16:23:28
Santa Bags!
Ho ho ho adventurers! December is usually a bustling time for Santa, as he's busy delivering countless presents to well-behaved children worldwide (and the occasional lump of coal to the not-so-nice). But this year, there's been an unexpected hitch! While cruising through the skies, Santa's sleigh encountered a bizarre disturbance, causing it to shake violently and disperse all the gifts across the realm of Kasteria!

The turbulence also damaged his sleigh, forcing Santa to make an emergency landing in Thais, precisely here: https://map.kasteria.online/#zoom,17,position,32374,32212,7. He'll be grounded there for repairs over the next few days.

Despite the setback, the warm-hearted folks of Kasteria have rallied to aid Santa in recovering the scattered presents. Grateful for their support, Santa has promised a special surprise for each recovered gift.

Every two hours, starting at 8:00 CET, 600 of Santa's lost bags will magically appear throughout the Kasteria map. They could be nestled within city confines or hidden amongst monster lairs, remaining discoverable for an hour. Upon finding a Santa's Lost Bag, simply 'use' it to reveal a set amount of gifts, which can then be exchanged for delightful rewards from Santa himself, as a token of his appreciation for your help in this unexpected predicament.
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