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Announcements - Game update!
GOD Slugar on Destiny
866 Sorcerer
on 2022-12-28 15:46:16
Game update!
We are glad to share with you hottest information! After dozens of hours spent on developing and testing system we made, we are finally able to implement it on Kasteria! The update is going to appear on 30 December after server save!

There will be entire new spawn with it's own story specifically designed by our team for Kasteria! On that spawn you will encounter new terrifying creatures from the deepest places of the glacial. These creatures who inhabit the depths of the Kasteria feed on fearful souls, and they tear any warrior apart, who dares to enter their territory alone.

Location: https://map.kasteria.pl/#zoom,17,position,32436,31097,11
Protip: Take a pick with yourself!

It is said that these monsters possess a complex and intricate tale that will pose a formidable challenge for any adventurer to unravel. Are you brave enough to take on this task and uncover the truth behind these mysterious creatures?

We sincerely hope you enjoy our updates. We put a lot of work, heart and effort into them to make them interesting and addictive for many players. Just like you, senior tutors apart from support members are also normal players on Kasteria and we are together trying to make changes that will benefit everyone.

We also want to invite all of you to our discord server https://discord.gg/4wPCNJ6, where you can talk about your ideas, how to improve server, or just have an interraction with other players or server support.
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